About Us


    "One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art" says Oscar Wilde.
    When you wear a chikankari kurta, you don't just wear a kurta You wear a timeline of civilization. Chikankari, the prestigious Persian craft dawning from the era of the Mughal empress Nur Jahan, is now brought to bear by popularizing mid the scorching summer heat and so we bring forth the exclusive majestic and refined collection of the best of chikankari apparel. Growing from the authentic roots of Lucknow to the two ancestral stores in Delhi embarked upon by my grandmother and my father dating back to more than two long decades, our chikankari has ameliorated from a mainstream conventional section in those stores to a distinctively exclusive chikan store handled by my mother located in the heart of New Delhi.
    Amid all the turbulent, chaotic and mortally hazardous conditions of Covid-19, we decided to make this close corporation of veritably pure chikankari available to the adherent admirers of this gracefully fascinating piece of art. Consequently, therefore we bring forth the elaborative expansion of our roots to an online business where you can select and choose from the enormously varied amount of options available and can buy just as the way you did.
    Starting this frivolous business out of passion for chikankari and a zeal to alleviate the economically labour class during the horrendously calamitous pandemic situations, we can audaciously say that we managed to financially aid numerous families into living their lives in a sustainable way so that their children and they themselves don't doze off with a starving belly. We extend our gratitude and express our bliss by working harder, providing enhanced services and fulfilling all your chikankari desires with our finest collection. 


    A BBA graduate from NMIMS, Shubh Sandhu handles the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of Ruup. With his education background in business administration combined with extensive managerial and digital marketing experience, he handles the internal affairs of the brand. He is the building bridge of Ruup. A skilled communicator, effective leader and driven business person, he helps in daily company growth; while also maintaining key operational procedures, creating new processes and ensuring day to day operational excellence. He loves setting new challenges and realistic goals for growth, performance and profitability. Everyone loves the energy which Shubh brings to the workplace.